"for us it is very personal because there is no place like home"


We are a full-service residential interior design company helping people enhance their lives by transforming spaces they live in into functional, comfortable, unpretentious and stylish homes.


We focus on people, usability and quality. Our design philosophy is based on the idea that every aspect of a person’s home must have a purpose and serve a function that practically and aesthetically enhances their daily life. For us, it is about finding the right balance between function and aesthetics, comfort and practicality. As someone has so accurately pointed out:“indifference towards people and the reality, in which they live, is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design”. And our philosophy behind every design we create is to find that "golden middle" solution for each client that reflects his or her personality, perception of beauty, is practical, functional, and evokes a sense of home.   


We have extensive experience in interior design from planning to execution and deep understanding of the relationship between human dimensions and space that we love to share with our clients. As our primary focus is on people so is our design process. It is tailored to meet the individual needs of homeowners we work with. We value time and pride ourselves on the ability to meet deadlines, be very responsive and flexible.





Anna is a contemporary design 

aficionado, wife, proud parent of an aspiring UW student and a Great Dane named Archie, avid book reader, and a great cook 

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Sangeetha loves

spending time with her boys, playing sports, painting, enjoys photography and

hosting amazing themed parties



Erica enjoys spending her time exploring new coffee shops and restaurants, catching up on the latest trends and styles, and traveling

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Chinatsu loves a cup of coffee to start her day with, and to hang out on the weekends with her best buddy, a thirteen-year-old beagle at her favorite café.