Windy roads of Mercer Island led us to this beautiful modern home on the lake. The clients needed help with their family room design. An unconventional room setting made it very difficult to design a practical layout. The way we approached this unusual room was first and foremost to consider the strengths of the space. The room featured stunning views of the lake, tall ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and ample natural light. Our concept highlighted each of these elements. The seating arrangement takes full advantage of the stunning views. The tall ceiling allowed us to design a unique fireplace wall which seamlessly merges function and beauty. The lightweight custom drapery softens out the natural light without blocking the view of the lake.  Now the family can snuggle up in front the fireplace, watch a movie together, read a book and sip a glass of wine when friends come over. One way to know that the client is ecstatic is when they hire you again. Stay tuned while we work on the next spectacular chapter in this residence.

Picture credit for all Photos in this Project goes to: John Granen

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