Chinatsu loves a cup of coffee to start her day with, and to hang out on the weekends with her best buddy, a thirteen-year-old beagle at her favorite café.

Chinatsu holds a BA degree in Interior Design from Bellevue College and has several years of experience working with architecture and interior design firms in Washington, Hawaii and Japan. While Chinatsu worked in both commercial and residential sectors, residential design is her true passion.

Chinatsu’s goal is to exceed her clients’ expectations. Her design inspiration is everyday life. She starts by imagining how people spend their day and how they will use the space.  She shapes her design by considering multiple factors including culture, lifestyle, demographics, work-life and more. She always loves collaborating with her clients to develop the right solution and believes the designer’s role is not just to provide exactly what the client initially asks for, but to listen, experiment and evolve the design into something more.

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