This newly built custom residence turned out to be spectacular. With Interiors by Popov’s magic touch, it has become a real family home that is comfortable for the grownups, safe for the kids and friendly to the little dogs that now occupy this space.

The start of construction was a bumpy road for the homeowners. After the house was framed, our clients found themselves paralyzed with the million and one decisions that had to be made.
The Scandinavian lifestyle philosophy “Hygge” has a broad appeal and works perfectly here in the Northwest climate. We were ecstatic to hear that hygge was exactly what our client was after. The feeling of coziness incorporated with simplicity are the key elements of the hygge lifestyle.
This was by far the most fun project we’ve had at Interiors by Popov. We were approached by a lovely client that asked us to design a cat lounge--yes, a cat lounge! The client was looking for a bright, modern and lively room. The lounge had to be comfortable for cats and humans alike and act as a space where furry pets and their humans could rest, play and hangout. We flexed our creative and technical muscles and here is the result: a unique, fun and comfortable retreat.
Windy roads of Mercer Island led us to this beautiful modern home on the lake. The client needed help with their family room design. An unconventional room setting made it very difficult to design a practical layout. The way we approached this unusual room was first and foremost to consider the strengths of the space, as the room featured stunning views of the lake, tall ceilings, floor to ceiling.
Our clients bought a house in a great Redmond neighborhood. Even before the agreement was signed, they knew they needed the help of an interior designer. The house featured dark wood cabinets, dark floors, very little lighting and some awkward architectural elements. What our clients were looking for was light, airy and modern home interior. The main issue for the clients was that on one hand modern spaces.
When we drove out to Mukilteo for our initial consultation, we immediately fell in love with this house. With its tall ceilings, eclectic mix of wood, glass and steel, and gorgeous view of the Puget Sound, we quickly nicknamed this project "The Mukilteo Gem". Our client, a cook and baker, did not like her existing kitchen. The main points of issue were short runs of available.
This is by far everybody’s favorite space. The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home where the dinner is getting ready, the homework is done, and in the family room the whole family can relax in front of the fireplace, while watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games. Whites with warm walnuts, light marble, and splashes of color are the key features in this modern interior designed family headquarters.
The family was looking for a formal yet relaxing entertainment space. We wanted to take advantage of the two-story ceiling height in the dining area, so we suspended a spectacular chandelier above the dining table. We kept a neutral color palette as the background, while using blues, turquoise, and yellows to create excitement and variety. The living room and dining room
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