This house with gorgeous views and unique architectural features, including large floor to ceiling windows, was built in 1970’s. The kitchen area was updated not long ago by the previous owners and added a very specific contemporary aesthetic, which our clients loved. This became a starting point and inspiration for our design concept. As soon as our clients took possession of the house we were hard at work. The space had huge potential and we narrowed down the design of the living and dining areas to two very different options. Our clients had a hard time choosing between the two, but the decision was made, and we moved forward with construction.


The idea was to allow the natural light to travel freely throughout the space, showcase the magical view as soon as you enter the house, as well as to have a clear line of site into the dining & living room from the kitchen. We opened up a few walls, reworked the arched painted brick fireplace that was one of the biggest eyesores for our clients. We also found a way to accommodate the TV alongside the fireplace, without making it a focal point, and designed custom built-in cabinetry around these, creating a clean, contemporary look, that enhances the existing architecture of the house. We added flexible lighting to sufficiently illuminate the space and create a statement.

Clean lines, natural materials, neutral color scheme, used throughout the space, do not compete with the stunning view but rather compliment it, which was exactly what the clients wanted!

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