owner and lead designer

Anna is a contemporary design aficionado, wife, proud parent of an aspiring UW student and a Great Dane named Archie, avid book reader, and a great cook 

Anna was born in Moldova, which at the time was part of the USSR. Her family immigrated to Israel where she finished school and college, obtaining a Business and Marketing degree. While living in Tel Aviv she was surrounded by exciting, diverse and design-heavy environment which sparked her keen interest in interior design and architecture. This interest stemmed from the realization that design has a huge impact on every aspect of our daily life, whether it be the ergonomics of a teacup or the space we inhabit.  


Later on her family decided to move to Toronto, where in pursuit of her curiosity, she completed a second degree in Interior Architecture. She was lucky to almost immediately get a job in the company that manufactures custom cabinets. This was the best "first job" anyone could hope for. She gained an invaluable knowledge and experience of all company processes from planning and drafting to installation, overseeing small factory operations and even working on the shop floor. Her corporate career path after that included work experience in big commercial, institutional and hi-rise residential construction companies, where she was involved in the entire design process from concept to close out.    


The next chapter in Anna's life began in 2013, when she and her family relocated to Redmond, WA. Anna felt it was time for change. While she loved her high-volume and high-responsibility corporate job, she craved something more. The phrase “it’s not personal, it’s business” no longer appealed to her. She wanted to get involved in something that would allow her to connect with people and their living spaces. Her desire to help people live comfortably in their own homes led to the decision to focus on residential design projects. Leaving her corporate life behind her, she chose to embrace the phrase, “it is MY business, and IT IS personal”. And so, Interiors by Popov was born!  


Since 2013 Anna has been working with home owners, sharing her deep knowledge and experience in interior design, helping people transform their spaces, creating functional and sophisticated interiors.