Once upon a time, this bathroom featured the following:


No entry door, with a master tub and vanities open to the master bedroom.

Fading, outdated, 80's-style yellow oak cabinetry.

A bulky hexagonal window with clear glass. No privacy.

A carpeted floor. In a bathroom.


It’s safe to say that none of these features were appreciated by our clients. Understandably.

We knew we could help.

We changed the layout. The tub and the double shower are now enclosed behind frameless glass, a very practical and beautiful arrangement. The clean linear grain cabinetry in medium tone is accented beautifully by white countertops and stainless steel accessories. New lights, beautiful tile and glass mosaic bring this space into the 21st century.

End result: a calm, light, modern bathroom for our client to enjoy. 


See the before pictures here.

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