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50 SHADES OF DARK: Caravaggio inspired dark and moody interiors

dark and moody interiors

Source: home-designing.com

"Brighten it up" interior design approach has been extremely popular last few years and you can find hundreds of all-white interior photos on the internet. Everyone jumps on this band wagon, including yours truly, because many times that is the right way to go. However, dark and moody interiors can be equally (if not more, in some cases) beautiful. When creating these mysterious and pensive spaces we like to draw inspiration from Caravaggio - the master of light and dark.

The dark and moody interiors are all about textures, soft and tactile walls, and carefully placed light sources that create pronounced shadows and contrasts, an intimate and serene atmosphere, while adding mystery and drama to the space.

dark bathroom

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dark living room inspiration

Source: vincentvanduysen.com

dark modern bathroom design

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dark interior inspiration

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dark and moody bedroom

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