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BATHROOM GLAM PROJECT: before and after

One of the things we love is textured paintable wallpaper! It is a great way to add dimension and interest to any room, as well as hide any minor wall imperfections. These wallpapers come in array of patterns and can be painted the color of your choice.

While designing this tiny bathroom, we came up with an idea of incorporating the textured wallpaper. Our clients wanted to create a unique and dramatic space with a touch of whimsy so they loved this approach. We helped the homeowners choose a bold green paint color that beautifully complemented the dark brown marble tile. This color was painted on top of textured wallpaper adding drama to otherwise plain walls.

Other unique features in this half-bath include a modern wall-hung toilet, multidimensional light fixtures that create an intriguing play of shadows, gorgeous mirror spanning from wall to wall, beautiful dark brown marble tile, and whimsical artwork.

Here are the before and after photos:

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