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1 TO 3: Seattle one bedroom loft transformation

This three story single bedroom condo, located in South Lake Union, one of the hottest Seattle areas, was purchased by our client with the idea of turning it into a profitable rental. The owner wanted to explore the full potential of the place and turned to us, seeking help in maximizing its functionality.

Seattle condo conceptual design


This loft was spacious but had only one bedroom.

Concrete floors and a cool, but unusable, garage door on the first level made it feel cold and uninviting.

Second floor had a small nice kitchen and an open living area with large windows. One of the biggest drawbacks was the absence of a bathroom on this level.

Third floor spacious master suite lacked privacy as it did not have a door.


We completely reconfigured the floor plan on the 1st and 2nd levels maximizing the value and potential of this property.

Entire kitchen and living area was relocated downstairs. The garage door was closed off from the inside, to increase the amount of usable space and provide better insulation, while still remaining a cool exterior feature.

We changed the powder room area to add a hallway closet and advised the owner to switch to wood flooring.

We designed the 2nd level to accommodate 2 additional bedrooms with closets and a full bathroom.

Master bedroom on the third floor got a facelift and gained privacy with a new barn door.

Now this Seattle property can be listed as a 3 bedroom apartment and is ready to find a family that will call it home!

Photography by Julia Piterkina

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