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OVER THE COUCH: How to hang your art series

One of the most commonly asked questions that we hear from our clients is "where and how do I hang my artwork?" There are quite a few tips and tricks but it all comes down to choosing the right spot and the right hanging height for your favorite piece or pieces.

A prime candidate for displaying an art piece is the space above your couch in the living or family room. And the easiest way to showcase the work of an artist you like is to hang one large piece or 2-3 smaller pieces in a linear pattern above the couch.

The general rule is to keep your art about 8-10" above the couch. The art piece should also be no more than 2/3 of your sofa in length. However, it is important to keep the ceiling height and the proportions of the room in mind. If your space has tall ceilings consider doubling the distance above the sofa to achieve a balanced look.

linear art hanging pattern

Here are some good examples to get you inspired:

how to hang artwork in living room

Source: Houzz Photo: Lisa Petrole Photography

how to hang your art

Photo: Vive Estudio

art above the couch

Source: Apartmenttherapy

how to hang art above the couch

Source: Houseofturquoise

how to hang art above sofa

Source: Houzz Photo: Photo: Christopher Magidson, Stock & Trade Design Co.

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