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BEST OF CURB: Easy ways to boost curb appeal

Spring is almost upon us, which means it's time to boost your curb appeal, if you feel that it lacks some oomph. There are so many beautiful houses out there with gorgeous walkways and curb appeal, however, in our opinion, the "Bay Area" homes, deserve the "Best of Curb" title.

Easy ways to boost curb appeal

Adding bright colored planters

creates visual interest and livens things up

Front door curb appeal

Painting your front door a contrasting

bright color adds a "wow" factor

Front porch ideas

Getting rid of all dead vegetation and trimming

overgrown plants is an absolute must

Curb appeal ideas

Creating unique vertical plant arrangements

is easier than you think

Easy ways to boost curb appeal

Adding pavers or interesting tile

makes your front door stand out

Easy ways to add curb appeal

Giving your house a fresh coat of paint

can make a huge difference

Easy ways to boost curb appeal

You can never go wrong when planting flowers

Still not sure how to boost your curb appeal? Get in touch and we would love to help!

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