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OLD & NEW: How to mix traditional and modern styles like a pro

"How do I mix traditional and modern styles in my house?" This is another question that we hear from our customers quite frequently. Whether it's a home office, dining room, living room or bedroom you can definitely combine these 2 styles to create an interior that will be beautiful and comfortable. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a balanced effortless look by mixing both traditional and modern elements.

TIP #1

Don't let the existing prominent architectural elements like paneling, wainscoting, crown molding, and columns throw you off. In this case, adding furniture pieces with clean straight lines will create an interesting juxtaposition. Accessories in organic shapes and reflective finishes will pull the whole look together.

traditional interior with modern twist

Photo: Marie Flanigan Interiors

TIP #2

When you have a clean-lined minimalistic space, don't hesitate to bring in antique pieces and classical elements. A traditional hutch, elaborate chairs, crystal chandeliers in such a setting will add interest, drama and depth.

mixing traditional and modern furniture

Photo: Zulufish

TIP #3

Try to stick to the 80/20 rule: about 80% of the elements are kept within the same style while the remaining 20% can be dramatically different. If 80% of the furniture is traditional and classic, then the other 20% should be modern with clean lines in different shapes and finishes - glass, stone, and metal would work great.

mixing modern and traditional living room

Source: One Kings Lane

TIP #4

If you have a traditional furniture piece that you want to keep, like a dining table, you can create a modern space around it. Don't hesitate to use 2 different tones of wood side by side (light wood chairs with darker wood dining table or vice versa). To complete the modern look, and bring everything together, make sure to reuse the same color and/or pattern on walls, floors and in accessories.

mixing modern and traditional dining room

Source: StylebyEmilyHenderson

TIP #5

Less is more! To achieve a "minimalist eclectic" look avoid using a lot of small accessories, stick to monochromatic color scheme (different shades of the same color with different textures), and use one large element as a focal point.

mixing traditional and modern bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Mixing styles can be a challenge but the outcome can be spectacular!

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