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ROMANTIC ROCOCO: how to create art-inspired interior

Rococo is an art style that gained popularity in late 18th century in Europe, when beauty, elegance, and light was celebrated above all else. The term Rococo is believed to have been formed from two French words, "rocaille", meaning stone and "coquilles", meaning shell, two items extensively used as motifs of decoration during this period.

rococo inspired interior

Photo: CoCoDSGN.com

If you are a dreamer and a romantic why not transform your space into a Rococo paradise of soft hues, lace, and opulent elegance? Be sure to fully embrace this gorgeous aesthetic with all its curves and ornate decor in order to create a truly "Rococo-inspired interior".

Here are a few tips on how-to recreate this style:

Draw inspiration from the artwork of famous painters like Jean-Honoré Fragonard

The Swing by Jean Fragonard

Source: Art.com

Opt for soft hues and pastels (whites, grey, & pinks)

when choosing the color pallet

ornate dresser

Source: Houzz

Incorporate ornate elegant furniture, accent pieces with lots of curves

and decorative details

ornate wall mirror

Source: Houzz.com

Use light and airy fabrics with lace and crochet

lace bedding

Source: Zarahome

Don't forget to add a bit of whimsy and color with

accents like chinoiserie vases and candleholders

chinoiserie vase

Source: Frontgate

We hope that these tips inspire and help you create your own romantic Rococo paradise!

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