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2018 COLOR TRENDS: curcuma and cobalt blue

2018 has been, so far, all about color: shades and tones are brighter, richer and more vibrant.

Among our favorites are the curcuma/mustard yellow and cobalt blue. And it so happens that they also work beautifully together: the cool cobalt blue is perfectly balanced by the warm and glowing mustard yellow.

Imagine a really deep blue sky and fields of golden wheat and you will find your inspiration. Keep in mind that if you are going bold, go bold, do not settle for muted tones.

Here are perfect examples of how these two colors, when mixed together, work wonders in any setting, whether you are just adding accents or using them as a backdrop:

cobalt blue interior

Source: Pinterest

mustard yellow door ideas

Source: New York Times

cobalt blue sofa and yellow accents

Source: Pinterest

blue dining room ideas

Source: Leivars


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