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FRAMED VS FRAMELESS: types of cabinets explained

When choosing cabinets, there are two types of construction to consider: framed or frameless. Both provide endless design possibilities and their own unique advantages. Here are some things to consider when choosing a particular cabinet type for your project.

Cabinet manufacturers have traditionally built cabinets using framed construction. In this type of construction, a 1-1/2 inch face "frame" is applied to the front of the cabinet box, while the doors are hung on to the frame and sit flush with the face frame of the cabinet by using inset hinges. This provides a seamless look, positions the frame and door on the same plane, and creates a very elegant traditional look.
Sometimes cabinet makers use partial and full overlay hinges in framed construction, which creates wide gaps between the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This detailing is not ideal and you will never see it in our projects.
framed kitchen cabinets
Source: Houzz
Frameless cabinet construction is a European way of making cabinets. Frameless type of construction is often used in transitional and contemporary settings. Contrary to the framed cabinets, frameless cabinets have no frame attached to the cabinet box. The doors are hung on the cabinet box itself. Using a full overlay hinge ensures that the door hides the side of the cabinet. This allows to maintain a consistent 3 mm/1/8" reveal between the doors and the drawer fronts, creating a seamless, clean, up-to-date appearance.
Frameless cabinets can successfully be used in modern and transitional styles and you can most often see this type of cabinetry used in our projects.
frameless cabinet construction
frameless cabinet construction

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