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Colorful Mondrian: How to create Dynamic and Fun Art-inspired interiors

Want to add sophistication and color to your living space but don’t know how? Why not take a look at the De Stijl artistic movement of the Netherlands, steam-headed by none other than Piet Mondrian. Think primary colors, strong black borders, vertical horizontal line composition and strong asymmetry - perfect for a vivid, dynamic yet comfortable space.

Now, if you’re lost on where to even start, we’ve featured different examples of how designers used Mondrian as their inspiration. Find which one fits you the best, so that you can transform your home into a Mondrian masterpiece!

One way to introduce Mondrian is by using him as a focal point. The focus of this space is completely on the canvas like bookshelf, grabbing the attention of our eyes and representing him in an artful way.

Another way to get a Mondrian vibe is by complimenting the space first. Be subtle and accessorize in solid primary colors, this will help bring up the life of any room.

Lastly, how about breaking some rules and adding your own twist to it? This designer did this perfectly, but still kept some Mondrian flavor. Have fun with it and challenge yourself to incorporate curved lines, high contrasts, and toned down colors.

Here are some options to get you started, good luck!


Chandler Throw Pillow


Pop Sofa


Mondrian Vinyl Flooring

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