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FURNITURE SHOPPING: the millennial way

We recently came across an article in Wall Street Journal that talked about the new day and age of furniture shopping. As we work with clients on a daily basis, shopping for furniture and expensive items, this article resonated deeply with us. We decided to share our thoughts with you.

In the recent years we’ve been seeing more changes in the industry and we really see a change with different types of clients on their willingness of their openness to pursue the more millennial way of furniture shopping. Catherine Romano from the Wall Street Journal called it Start Buying Furniture the Millennial Way- or Risk Missing Out. We still have a number of clients that certainly prefer to go to a store or showroom in order to be able to touch, feel, and experience a high cost item. However, we also noticed that more and more clients are putting their trust in the millennial way. One of the main reasons this is happening is due to the effect of social media. Nowadays a company’s success is associated with reviews and their commitment to their clients. This commitment is presented in different ways, but with one goal in common, which is customer satisfaction.

Check out the whole article here.

Shop these 3 Millennial Brands

1. Burrow

Burrow offers free delivery on all of their items with a 30 day trial as long as you hold onto all of the packaging

2. Yardbird

Yardbird has a 30-day trial policy for returns and many of their items come with a 10-year warranty

3. Benchmade Modern

BenchMade Modern offers a variety of quality furniture with a 100-day return policy

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