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GROWING HOUSEPLANTS: a guide for beginners

In today’s blog, Team Popov wanted to share the best houseplants for beginners! We know that maintaining plants can be demanding, especially with all the different needs that each plant has. However, not all plants are as laborious as they seem. It’s important to remember the benefits of plants and how they can brighten up your home, mood, and even improve your air quality. So, with that said, check out our top "easiest" houseplants below!

1. Pothos Plant


The pothos plant is the perfect way to get started with caring for houseplants. Not only are they easy and undemanding, this lovely plant tolerates lower light conditions and only needs to be watered around once a week. They’re the easiest trailing houseplant that add beautiful color and texture to any room!

2. Snake Plant


Snake plants are another excellent choice for beginners. This plant is at the top of the list at being one of the most tolerable plants. The snake plant has the ability to survive neglect and very low light condition, however we highly recommend that you do give it some love. This classic plant releases night time oxygen and survives with infrequent watering!

3. Spider Plant


Of all hanging or trailing houseplants, the spider plant is among the most popular. This hardy plant will grow in most conditions and light settings. The best part about this fun plant is that it is excellent for growing in hanging baskets.

4. ZZ Plant


The ZZ plant is a highly popular plant for not only its aesthetics but easy maintenance. This tough plant can tolerate neglect, drought, and low light conditions. Care of ZZ is quite simple thanks to its rhizomatous roots, ideal for houseplant beginners.



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