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COFFEE TABLE VS. OTTOMAN: which is the one for you?

When deciding between a coffee table and an ottoman, it can be difficult to choose which fits you the best. There are many considerations like your aesthetic and lifestyle that will help you make the decision on which piece is the most practical for your space. Take a look below at our breakdown of the two pieces to see which one fits your needs!

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are always a classic choice in living room designs. They are the perfect way to introduce a different material and design element to a space, working in both formal and informal areas. Its hard surface provides a sturdy area, perfect to place food and drinks. Coffee tables tend to be more durable, easier to maintain, and offered in many design styles/options.




An ottoman is a functional piece of furniture that is typically characterized by its soft, upholstered padded surface. It fits perfectly in informal living rooms that have more of a casual and relaxed ambience. If you love to put your feet up on the table and dont like the feeling of the hard surface, you might want to consider choosing an ottoman. However, a tray is necessary if you want to use it as a table. Ottomans tend to be more comfortable with soft edges and offer flexibility in terms of more seating options and sometimes storage options.



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