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BIGGER IS BETTER- oversized indoor plants

We previously published a blog on growing houseplants for beginners (check it out here), and today we thought we’d share with you our favorite oversized indoor plants. Oversized indoor plants have the power to add a dramatic touch to any space and maintening it can be easier than you think.

Large plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your home. As beautiful as these plants are, they are known to purify the air, reduce carbon dioxide level and increase humidity. With the power to make a bold statement, oversized indoor plants are one of our favorite ways to add character, texture and color to any interior.

In order to save you some time, we present you our favorite oversized indoor house plants.

1. Birds of Paradise



Birds of Paradise is one of the most beautiful exotic plants native of South Africa. This plant requires a good amount of sunlight and temperatures at least above 50 degrees, it will grow even better/faster with temperatures between 65-80 degrees. This plant is fairly easy with its light maintenance, making it the perfect indoor plant.

2. Monstera



The Monstera is a fun dramatic plant that can add character to any space. It can grow about anywhere in your home and thrives in almost any condition with light misting once a week. Due to its large leaves, it may require some maintenance of wiping the dust of the leaves with a damp towel.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig



The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a perfect indoor specimen plant that has beautiful features of large leaves with heavy veining. Although this trendy plant is stunning and a great focal point, it has a reputation of being quite difficult to keep alive. When buying a Fiddle Leaf Fig, keep in mind that it will take a little bit of effort to find it the perfect amount of sunlight and moisture.


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