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INTRICATE VERMEER- 3 Ways You Can Introduce Vermeer In Your Home

Johannes Vermeer is a well renowned painter who had the gift of painting with delicate detail. Many of his paintings were scenes of domestic life and contained furnishings that were inspired from his own studio. Today, we thought that we could inspire you to introduce some Vermeer into your home! Take a look at the three ways you can upgrade your home into a art inspired masterpiece.

1. Checkered Floors

In many of Vermeer’s paintings, the homes have checkered floors. Checkering your floor is a bold but stylish way to introduce some Vermeer inspiration to your home. Black and white tiles are a classic staple that will instantly bring elegance to your home and a trend you will forever see.

2. Stained Glass Windows

Another design feature you frequently see in Vermeer’s paintings are stained glass windows. Stained glass windows were very common at one point but they’re rarer to find today. However, nothing quite captures light like a gorgeous detailed stained-glass window. Stained glass windows are a focal point that displays its beautiful art and elevates the surrounding space.

3. Oriental Rugs

Lastly, oriental rugs were found in many of Vermeer’s paintings. It showcased his talent of being able to render such intricate details. Adding an oriental rug to your home can immediately enhance your furniture, be a focal point with accents of color, and unify the space by pulling all the elements together. Oriental rugs are not only meant for traditional homes but can be introduced to various styles as well.

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