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HYGGE IN REDMOND: before and after

This was a small-scale project for us, and we loved it. The challenge was to take a dark, transitional family room and transform it in to a clean Hygge inspired oasis. 

When working with clean modern interiors, attention to details becomes paramount. When you can’t deliver ornament the substance shines through. Today we want to bring your attention to some of the most important, subtle details that you may not notice at a glance.

We decided to use Venetian plaster as the main finish on the fireplace wall. Venetian plaster provided a warm and organic atmosphere, it also allowed us to fully customize the color and the texture. Venetian Plaster application is a true art, it takes several days to finish. The artist patiently applies multiple layers of plaster in order to achieve the desired movement and texture. When you look at the closeup picture of the corner of the fireplace you can see the subtle texture, depth of color, and tactile quality of the finish. 

Now, while you are looking at this picture, pay attention to the baseboard. We used a modern, European baseboard installation technique. It’s installed flush with the wall, separated by a small reveal channel, and finished with Venetian plaster. This humble detail is vital in achieving this clean, uninterrupted almost flowy feel.  

We’ve used natural driftwood for the inside of the fireplace and thrown a few felt pebble ottomans on the floor to support the organic feel of the room.  

Every furniture piece, every item and every finish were carefully curated to achieve a soft, functional and comfortable Hygge inspired family room.

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