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Modern Built-Ins: Design and Styling

Many clients are looking to create a sleek and simple space while also making it highly functional. Modern life, and all it has to offer, can make that feel seemingly impossible at times. As Interior Designers, we use our expertise to bring you the best and most thought-through solutions to help your home support the life you lead. As every household functions differently, we must approach each project with a fresh set of eyes. One of our favorite ways to bring grounding and stability to a living space is to utilize our minimalist aesthetic and build custom, functional, and simple built-in cabinetry within a home.

Here at IBP, we focus on prioritizing the essentials – from the planning to the design, from the materials to the colors, and everything in between. We believe this creates a form of elegance and usability in architecture and interior design that we can then build upon and make beautiful. Modern built-in cabinets can offer the perfect solution to remove your clutter and display your decor and valuables; embracing that meeting of left and right brain we strive for.

In contrast to the more overtly modern vibe of open floating shelves, modern built-ins play on the aspects of traditional design styles that are tried and tested. They are clean, highly functional and offer plenty of scope to personalize. They can bring a unique focal point to your living room by flanking a gorgeous fireplace, act as a stylish book shelf in the office, or be the perfect display area for your little one's must-have display of stuffed animals. Another great area where we like to add built-ins is in the mud-room. This space can always use more storage and organization. In any room, you can use these shelves practically: to store towels, household supplies, video games, items that need to come up off the floor; or artistically: to display décor, books, or travel memorabilia. They offer a place for you to get creative with artwork, sculptures, and share personal photos.

When adding a built-in, we highly recommend working with an experienced and skilled cabinet maker. Our role as the designer is to listen to your wants and needs, both aesthetic and functional, translate those into the perfect solution, and then create the construction drawings and details needed for professional execution. There are so many ways to design these details, maybe a very symmetrical look or a dynamic, interesting asymmetric layout will add interest to the room. Materials will need to be considered based on the overall room aesthetic; whether we use stained wood, lacquered, or painted finishes. Beautiful hardware, soft-closing hinges, and some soft back-lighting are all decisions to be made when we plan out the overall design. Details are so important in this process, but it is worth taking the time for that cohesive, beautiful, love forever finished product!

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