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Organizing Essentials

Over at the Popov household we are embarking on a full renovation starting soon, and we moved out of a 3-bedroom home into a 1-bedroom condo. To say that I needed to be smart about storage and organizing is an understatement. With that in mind, and Spring-cleaning right around the corner, we compiled a list of organizing essentials to get you motivated or even help you out with your cleaning spree.

These are some of our favorite organizing essentials for your home - both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

For the bathroom:

These acrylic organizers (both for inside the drawers and outside) can help you organize everything in your bathroom - from make-up to cleaning products, and everything in between! They are great for drawers and to have items clearly in sight - so that you don’t miss a thing while getting ready in the morning.

For the pantry:

In line with the acrylic organizers for the bathroom, these are essentials for a pantry. They help you keep everything in its spot while also decluttering! Win, win.

For entryways or office areas:

Hooks and trays are the perfect addition to an entryway! The hooks will help you declutter and provide an easy drop off for coats, purses, and bags, while the trays work to corral mail and keys - to make sure you never forget your keys at home.

For living areas:

Baskets and bins are essential to corral items - like toys, or shoes - and they can be easily placed in sight since there are some beautiful options out there.

For bedrooms:

There are great alternatives for under bed storage. They don’t have to be ugly, storage can be both functional and beautiful at the same time! Under the bed storage is ideal to store out-of-season shoes and clothes, and other items that are not used regularly.

What other organizing items are essential to keep clutter at bay to be able to enjoy your space? Comment below with your favorites!



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