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Specialized Plaster Finishes: Venetian Plaster

Last month we highlighted natural materials that we love to incorporate in home design, and this week we wanted to showcase another. Venetian Plaster, also known as lime plaster, is a distinctive option to consider using on your walls instead of paint. This specialized plaster finish provides a warm, earthy feel and can make any room stand out from the norm.

So, what exactly is Venetian Plaster? Technically speaking, it is a putty made from fired limestone combined with water. Once applied to a surface and exposed to carbon dioxide, the mixture returns to limestone. Quite literally, it is a coating of earth for your walls

Venetian Plaster is different from other types of plaster because it does not contain aggregates like marble, granite, or glass. Its natural properties make it an eco-friendly option: it is non-toxic, does not emit VOCs, and causes no environmental harm when disposed of. Additionally, it is incredibly durable, low maintenance, and naturally mold and mildew resistant. Here at Interiors by Popov, we love using products made of natural materials to embrace the incredible resources the Earth provides, and we are constantly amazed at just how functional these materials can be without all the additives found in so many items on the shelf.

When our team is asked to provide a Venetian Plaster finish, we send in a specialized artisan to hand-apply the putty using a trowel. You will want to leave this to the experts, as the application process should not be rushed or attempted without experience and knowledge of the substance. The artisan will apply multiple thin layers to create the desired consistency, ranging from polished and subtle to a very textured orange peel appearance. Not only is the texture customizable, but the color can be any pantone to offer the best backdrop for your room.

Ultimately, what Venetian Plaster will provide that paint simply cannot, is an atmospheric, earthy, and soft feel within a modern interior. With the correct use of natural light during the day, and carefully selected toned lighting at night, this finish will warm up any pared down minimalistic aesthetic.

We love to add texture to a fireplace wall and here in our Hygge Project, we used Venetian Plaster to add to this cozy, simplistic and functional living space. Click here to see the whole room.

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