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TREND WATCH: All About Linen

A major trend that we have been seeing in the design world is the usage of linen. Linen is a versatile fabric that can be used in many ways. This textile is made from the fibers of a flax plant and is stronger than cotton. A little fun fact about linen is that it’s actually one of the oldest textiles in history!

Just like any textile, there are pros and cons to linen. What are the benefits of linen? Well it has a reputation for being eco-friendly and the fibers of flax make it durable and long lasting. Linen is perfect for hot and humid temperatures because it’s cool to the touch. The beauty of linen is the natural appearance it gives, which no other fabric can achieve. However, linen does crease and is difficult to prevent from wrinkling.

Things you want to consider with linen is that although it is a durable textile, the fibers weaken in direct sunlight. Linen is not the most flexible in colors and patterns, making it limited. Another factor to consider is that it is not very stain resistant, so if you have children or pets, linen may not be your first choice.

Linen is the perfect way to introduce a calm and natural look into your home. Try adding it through upholstery, curtains, or accessories. Check out some of our favorite way’s linen is used below.

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