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Wallpaper in the Powder Room

Updated: May 7

Wallcoverings in general are gaining a lot of interest in modern interior design. Last month, we highlighted how Venetian Plaster finishes are a unique option for bringing your wall spaces to life. Designers and clients alike have high expectations when it comes to product quality and durability, and this standard is only rising when it comes to wall finishes. So this week, we want to explore modern wallpapers – specifically in the powder room. Wallpaper, once considered a sign of dated home décor, is experiencing a rebirth in the modern design world. Homeowners are willing to step outside their comfort zones, skip the standard coat of paint, and elevate a rooms’ energy with pattern, texture and color and we are here for it!

We are all about functional finishes here at IBP, we only select what we believe to be high performance, serviceable materials for our clients. We prefer to use professional installers for wallcoverings and specify traditional paper rolls and paste for the perfect, long life finish. If you plan on rolling up your sleeves and giving it a go yourself, try to avoid the popular removable, peel and stick papers you see around. Although they may sound quick and easy, these are prone to bubbling, creasing, and have a short life span. Instead, there are quality pre-pasted papers out there that will save you time (and mess!). As with any project, the key is to invest in high quality products and professional application.

Small spaces are ideal for experimenting with design ideas that are a little more daring. Powder rooms, although small, have big potential to make a statement in your home so why not have fun and push boundaries where you can? Choices of paper are vast out there, you can choose from an array of botanical, floral, glam, geometric, metallic, tone-on-tone, and subtle patterns that are retro in style but modern in color. Our advice is to make it the main attraction, accented with minimalistic vanity and fixture choices and a stunning, statement floor – it is all about finding balance. You may be tempted to run the wallpaper flush to the vanity, but in our experience, no matter the quality, any wallpaper will not withstand regular and direct exposure to water. We recommend adding a backsplash to preserve the longevity of your powder room wallpaper.

Our best advice, if you are unsure and afraid to commit, is to try it before you buy it. It will be well worth buying one roll, tacking it up on the wall and seeing if you can live with it before fully committing. Who knows, it may just inspire you to try wallpaper in a bigger area of your home next. So go ahead, show your eccentric side and unleash the transformative power of a great wallpaper in the powder room.

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