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Warm Leighton: How to add warmth to your decor

Updated: May 27, 2020

Frederic Leighton’s Flaming June is one of the most famous Neo-Classical pieces of the late 19th century. Its characteristic orange color - seen on the woman’s dress - is striking and gives the viewer a sense of warmth. How do you translate this warmth on to your home?

Here are some tips to add warmth to your decor:

1. Layer

It’s great to have one striking piece in your home, but sometimes this one piece - maybe a sofa or a chair - can look out of place. Instead, layer in some warm-colored accents with blankets, throw pillows, and rugs.

2. Add warm tones through art

Just like Flaming June, why not add some warmth through art? Art is also a great way to add cohesion to your color scheme and combine both cool and warm tones to bring everything together.

3. Invest in brown

Yes, you read that right! Brown is a great warm tone to add to your room. By including some wood pieces (maybe a console table, a coffee table or maybe a floating bench!) you can add more warmth to a space.

4. Focus on the walls or windows

Maybe draping translucent, warm-colored fabrics on your windows to infuse your space with a warm glow? Or painting your walls a different shade with a warm undertone?

There are many possibilities outside of just furniture! What would you do to add some color to your space? Comment below.

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