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Why You Need an Interior Design Consultation

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Why You Need an Interior Design Consultation

In order to achieve your dream home with the help of an interior designer, an interior design consultation is a necessary step. If you have a renovation project or are upgrading your existing home, you do not want to spend any money prior to having a consultation. A professional designer can come in and brainstorm with you so you can navigate the project with an approach and strategy that helps you meet your goals. Interior design consultations are critical in developing a plan regardless of if you’re building a brand-new house, remodeling an existing space, or simply changing up furniture. Having a consultation before making any decisions will help ensure your investment in the project is well spent.

The work of an interior designer is much more complex than simply creating attractive spaces. According to the Council for Interior Design Qualification, Interior designers provide resilient, sustainable, adaptive design and construction solutions focusing on the evolution of technology and innovation within the interior environment. If you think about a designer's profession more in terms of architecture rather than design, it helps paint a better picture of what they do, and the benefits of working with them resonate much louder. It is therefore crucial to begin any design project with an interior design consultation. 

An Interior Design Consultation Will Save You Time & Money

Why You Need an Interior Design Consultation

You are about to spend a significant amount of money on this project and a consultation will ensure you spend that money wisely. During a consultation, designers will work to support and develop any pre-existing ideas you have regarding the design while also suggesting great alternatives to consider. Designers bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and will help navigate you towards materials that are a perfect fit for your particular needs. By staying on top of industry innovations designers are able to suggest solutions suited for your needs along with the best technologies, materials, and equipment available on the market.

One mistake designers often notice is that clients focus on bits and pieces of the design. A consultation is a great overview so you can look at the big picture. At Interiors by Popov, we focus on how you live your life and how we can design your home to support your lifestyle. If you look at our portfolio of work, you will get a sense of how we craft modern European spaces with each of our client's personal tastes in mind. Meeting with us will help you save time in the long run by strategically going through the planning phase. 

Working with an interior designer is an intimate relationship. Your design consultation will allow you the opportunity to see how the designer works and thinks while also providing you with a solid plan for approaching your design project. Your home is an incredibly private space and the design should reflect the needs of you and your family, not anyone else’s. 

What Should I Expect From An Interior Design Consultation with Interiors by Popov?

Every project at Interiors by Popov begins with a consultation. While all consultations with designers vary in their structure, ours is an intense two-hour working appointment. Our principal designer, Anna Popov, will lead the consultation and will formally discuss with you your scope of work. Next, you and Anna will walk through the areas you want to address. As you walk through the rooms, this is the perfect time to discuss your design goals. She’ll cover everything from functional requirements and aesthetic preferences to your wants, needs, and dreams. During the appointment, Anna will introduce new ideas, concepts and solutions customized to your specific requirements. 

If your project is more of a do-it-yourself, you’ll be well off starting on implementation directly following the appointment. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a full-service design project then Anna will provide you with a personalized quote and walk you through the contract should you choose to work with Interiors by Popov. 

The main takeaways when you consult with an interior designer are that you receive advice specific to your needs/wants and get any/all questions you have answered. As an added bonus, Anna will also evaluate any existing furniture, appliances, and art and start brainstorming with you. The consultation will conclude with a budget discussion and specific recommendations outlined for your project.

From concept to completion

Our goal during the consultation is to navigate through your needs, wants, and constraints and outline the best way forward regardless of whether the design project is small, large, full service, or DIY. After the consultation with Interiors by Popov you’ll be in a much better position to move forward with achieving your dream home. 

Our work with Interiors by Popov was Amazing!!! My husband and I had VERY opposing views on how to update our 30+-year-old house.  After a few years of disagreements, we hired Anna and her team.  We have 3 young kids, and we needed a home that could take a beating, but still looked classy and grown-up.  The designs that Anna created were so intuitive that we couldn't believe they had never occurred to us in the first place!  It was truly incredible how well she was able to merge our strongest conflicting desires into one perfect environment that brought so much peace and organization to our lives...down to the tiniest detail.  The contractors she works with had a fantastic work ethic and competitive pricing.  It has been such a weight off my shoulders to work with Anna and her team!! As cliche as it sounds - your only regret will be not having hired her sooner!!!
Sally Alfred

Bringing Interiors by Popov in for an interior design consultation will be the best investment you have made for your project. If you have a question or a project in mind, we’d love to hear from you so give us a call at 425-403-6060.

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